Self-Care Wellbeing workshop

On 10th November, in conjunction with Local Families with Bleeding Disorders, HBDCA ran an informal wellbeing event in London. 

In the beautiful grounds of the Royal Foundation of St Katherine, Limehouse, participants had the opportunity to meet with other parents and carers who are living with bleeding disorders and try their hand at a variety of self-care techniques, including mindfulness meditation, massage and tai chi. 

Those who attended, in their feedback, valued the chance to connect with other families facing similar challenges in an atmosphere of calm. In the words of one participant, the best part of the day was: 

“Having the opportunity to share and offload with others who understand, whilst taking some time for self-care. Feeling relaxed after the tai chi, massage and meditation. A good reminder to put on our own oxygen mask first!”

The only criticism was simply not having enough time! We hope to run this annually as a day-long event if funds permit. Participants had some parting words of encouragement for anyone thinking about joining the group and taking part in events:

“You will get so much out of attending that you never dreamed you needed. Support, understanding of the reality of living with a bleeding disorder. Emotional support, practical advice, friendship and signposting. And a jolly good time!”

“Our group has been invaluable in forming connections with others who just get the daily strains and stresses, to celebrate in the joys and achievements and provide both adults and children a sense of community and normality.”



Self-Care Wellbeing workshop

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