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Factor 8 interviews Christina Burgess, HBDCA founder

Jason Evans, founder of independent haemophilia support group Factor 8 speaks to our founder and director Christina Burgess about support available for the victims and families of the contaminated blood scandal.

Christina talks about the services that HBDCA offers and the potential routes of access that are available to ex-beneficiaries of the Macfarlane Trust, including the Terrance Higgins Trust and the English Infected Blood Support Scheme, EIBSS. Naturally, particularly given past experiences there may be those who are wary about accessing support, however all at HBDCA have prior experience within and understanding of issues affecing the bleeding disorders community.

Jason talks about the Infected Blood Inquiry, what witnesses might say and provides updates about the campaign.

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Factor 8 interviews Christina Burgess, HBDCA founder

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