HBDCA appoint Ros Cooper as Ambassador

We’re thrilled to announce today Ros Cooper as HBDCA’s Ambassador. We are delighted to have Ros’ passion and voice as we strive to provide crucial access to psychological support for the UK’s bleeding disorder community. 

Ros was just a baby when she was diagnosed with severe von Willebrands disorder, and during her university years discovered she had developed Hepatitis C as a result of receiving contaminated blood.

With her first-hand experience, Ros has been highly involved in both the bleeding disorders community as a whole, and in tirelessly campaigning for others like herself impacted by infected blood. We welcome her vigour in supporting the community to get the support they need to live healthy, fulfilling lives. 

Ros said:

“I believe the need for psychological support for those in our community is damn obvious and long overdue. I am passionate about getting this in place as soon as possible to mitigate the unprecedented impact of the trauma we have been through. Providing free and easy access to psychological therapies and encouraging the uptake of this support is incredibly important. I am privileged to be helping HBDCA towards this aim.”

Christina Burgess HBDCA CEO said:

“To have Ros as our Ambassador is the icing on the cake. She is someone I admire greatly. Her advocacy, not only for women with bleeding disorders, but for the Infected Blood community as well, has contributed hugely to two vulnerable groups within the bleeding disorder community as a whole, who need passionate, articulate champions, and she is one of them. Thank you for being a key supporter of HBDCA, Ros. Welcome from the whole team!”

We’re delighted to have Ros as the champion of our cause and wish her the very best in the role.

HBDCA appoint Ros Cooper as Ambassador

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